Bronze Birds

Bronze Birds

My dancing bronze bird women are a series that explore the dynamic between women, fertility, freedom and cultural expectations.  These birds are happy or strong or pensive. They have character. Each sculpture looks like an individual, not an “everywoman”. They pose deep questions about women’s sexuality. They do not answer any questions about the conflicts between issues of nature and culture. Instead they exist as creatures in which these forces dwell either peaceably or uncomfortably depending on the viewer.

To inquire about these works, please visit the Avenue Gallery in Oak Bay, Victoria, B.C. or email info[at]

Birds often symbolize freedom by their ability to fly, to be free as a bird.  These women birds are cultural creatures. They are depicted as dancers, although not necessarily dancing.  As a dancer myself I was often recognized as such just by the way I stood or walked. The muscled legs of these sculptures are dancer’s legs, yet they are also bird legs in their ability to bend forward at the knee. The hairstyles or headdresses also indicate a cultural place.

Although my sculptures are preceded by sirens, harpies and the Egyptian spirit Ba, they also owe something to the images of artists like Degas and Rodin and Jean Luc Carpeaux. Ultimately, they are inspired by my own experiences of art and dance, being a woman in an urban environment and the challenges of family life.

My sculptures can be found in the Avenue Gallery in Oak Bay, Victoria, B.C.