Getting a Portrait Done

Get a Portrait Done

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We should discuss the process, the timeline and what you would like. I live in Vancouver BC. Contact me at at

Do I have to sit for hours?

No, I prefer to work with at least one sitting with adults of about 2 -4 hours and during which I begin the modelling, take facial measurements and photographs. Additional sittings may be advisable with some subjects, (not unlike a second fitting for a suit or dress, just to be sure). If the subject is not available to sit, then I would need to discuss possibilities while looking at the photographs available.

Young children’s sittings are best spread out over several dates of about 40 minutes depending on how well they can sit still for measurements and photos. Usually they play with clay on my stand while I work on them or watch a video or listen to recorded music or stories, depending on what the parents think will work best.

How long does it take?

Depending on how often the sitter is available, from beginning to the end you should allow about 2-3 months for the modelling process to be complete, and the piece to be hollowed, dried and fired. Bronzing will double the time (and the cost).

How do you decide it is finished and ready for casting or firing?

The clay model is presented for approval. When approval is received the piece is fired or sent to the foundry. The last step is the finishing. You can leave the piece as plain ceramic sculpture or think about different finishes. A foundry will give you a choice of patinas and I have work on hand for you to look at if you want to keep it ceramic.

How do I keep track of the progress?

Feel free to ask for digital pictures of the progress whenever you like.